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November 12, 2011 by Jena

Here I go….an early New Year’s Resolution….

I’ve been contemplating starting a blog, as over the last 6 months I have been faithfully reading about 10-20 blogs I have saved to my Google Reader.  I look forward to reading the posts every day and am inspired by all the really cool people – mostly women – that have great ideas, and do really cool stuff!  Sometimes I make the new recipes I find, or become crafty after some inspiration I get from someone else.  Lately I have had the urge to do some of my own blogging.  Partly to have a place to document what I do and partly in hopes of inspiring someone else or brightening someone elses day like mine has been.

So…here is “Adventures with the Anderbergs”.  I am married, have 2 boys – ages 6 and 4.  I work full time and still try to find time to be a great mom, a good wife, get everything done around the house and still do a few things for me.  I’ve blogged about my life before – but mostly just for my family when the boys were babies.  We’ll see how this goes – if anyone reads this, please be kinds and bear with me.  I am excited to try my hand at this Adventure!


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