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January 23, 2012 by Jena

I was supposed to be blogging…..but you can see how well that’s worked out.

You know how the saying goes….if at first you don’t succeed….

I didn’t make it in to work today.  Snowy traffic was not on my list of ways to start out my Monday.  So, I worked from home and enjoyed the peace and quite of no one around.  I got a good chunk of work done and then decided to take a shopping lunch.  Had a few things to pick up and scored some great deals.  I wandered over to Anthropologie to look for some cool knobs for a semi finished desk I painted this fall.  I just painted it white, wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it.  But, it’s in our bedroom now and in order to make use of it, it needed some knobs.  I found these glass ones for $6 each….not really what I wanted to pay, but better prices than some of the other $10 ones. When I checked out – they rang up for $2.95 each – score!

I peeked at some other fun stuff and found the cutest pair of flats on clearance for $30.  Had to have them. And then found 3 more pair of clearance shoes at Target…….they all ended up going home with me. (the orange ones are from Anthro, the 3 others were all under $10 each at Target)

Now we are waiting for “the Mr.” (you don’t usually hear that…you hear “the Mrs.”, but never “the Mr.”) to get home from Chipotle with our dinner.  Fundraiser for school – we ordered ahead, but apparently that doesn’t help on a night like tonight.  Just trying to keep the kiddos calm and happy…and update the blog.  Not sure why I chose this time to do that type of multi-tasking.  Oh well.


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