Busy, busy, busy

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April 20, 2012 by Jena

I’ve been meaning to post a million times…..really I have……it just never seems like I have the time.

We’ve been crazy busy and thinking of everything in the coming months seems to make it even worse.  Last weekend I painted our front door.  Here is a before and after

And we started a bathroom remodel.  We tore out the vanity and ripped up the floor.  Hoping that we can tile the floor this weekend and get a new vanity in next week.

Meanwhile, I am trying to plan for Owen’s 5th birthday party, a friend’s baby shower, a visit by my family for Memorial Day weekend, Graham’s 7th birthday party, my SIL’s baby shower, a summer vacation trip to South Dakota and 2 visits by portions of my in laws!  And that’s just some of the more significant things in the next couple months.

For the most part, I am looking forward to everything.  It’s just challenging me to keep it all straight and organized.  Work has been stressful as well and I’ve been meaning to start a juice fast too.  Just trying to decide when it will be most successful.

I promise more detailed updates soon.  I am “re-committing” to the blog for the month of May.  It’s really just all about priorities, right?


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