July wreath

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July 1, 2012 by Jena

So, the 4th of July is just a few days away and makes for a great theme for my most recent wreath.

Taken from this blog I happened across, I thought it was pretty cute.  If you can believe it, I’ve never Mod Poged (is that a verb?) anything!  I thought this might be an easy way to start.

Here is what you need:

  • clothespins – around 100
  • white spray paint
  • a wire wreath form, mine is 18″ in diameter
  • red and blue scrapbook paper
  • a light colored scrapbook paper for your bunting
  • bakers (or other) twine
  • sticky letters
  • double sided tape
  • ribbon for hanging your wreath
  • mod podge
  • a foam brush

I started by spray painting the clothespins white on one side.  I think this is kind of unnecessary, cause you end up not seeing much of them anyway.

Then I let them dry overnight. And while they were drying I cut approximately 3″ x 1/3″ paper strips in all different red and blue patterns.  You need about 75 red and 25 blue, give or take.  After the clips were dry, I started to mod podge the strips onto the non-painted side of the clips.  Then I let them dry for about 30 minutes.

While the clips were drying, I cut out mini triangle bunting that I folded over the bakers twine and use double sided tape to secure in place.  I used three arms length pieces of twine to be sure I had enough to adjust where I wanted them to hang and just placed the triangles in about the middle of the twine.  I then applied the “God Bless America” letters on the bunting pieces.

Next I began to assemble the wreath.  I started at the top and worked counter-clockwise, beginning with the blue clips and then using the red for the remainder.  You should alternate the clips higher and lower as you go around to give the wreath a fuller appearance!

Then I attached the ribbon to the top so I could hang it while I draped the bunting where I thought it looked good.  Doing this while the wreath is hanging makes it a little easier and is helpful in seeing what it will look like with gravity in play!  Once I had it where I wanted it, I tied it on and cut off the remaining string.

Voila!  Our new July 4th front door wreath!  So cute and so easy.

Happy 4th of July!!


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