Welcoming a Little Peanut!

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July 12, 2012 by Jena

My brother and his wife are expecting their first child at the end of August and somehow my sister was volunteered to throw the baby shower.  She lives 7 hours from our hometown.  She in turn volunteered me to help her – and I am 5 hours away.  So, the two farthest away family members set out to plan a shower.  We’re a crafty pair and wanted to have some fun with the party.  We landed on a theme….”Little Peanut”….and then the creativity was on.

My sister found some printables on line and made the invitations, some signs and the water bottle wraps.

We made most of the food relate to the peanut theme…..peanut butter blossom cookies, nutter butters dipped in chocolate, PB&J sandwiches cut out into elephant shapes and a nut bar with honey roasted peanuts, chocolate covered peanuts, Reese’s peanut butter cups, circus peanuts and more!  I also made a great PB fruit dip that I found online and we had cupcakes and cake pops too!

We found some stuffed elephants at the dollar store and used some wooden tags painted with chalkboard paint to label all the food and drinks.  Speaking of drinks…we also made 2 different punches and had bottled water and coffee as well.

Our decor, as you can see from the photos was orange and green – as we don’t yet know if this baby is going to be a boy or a girl and wanted to keep things neutral.  We used mason jars in several different ways – my sis painted some that were used for candles and vases.  We used them for drinks and we even filled some small ones with animal crackers, tied bakers twine around the lid and wrote “Thank You” on them with paint pens to give as favors.  I also spray painted some shelled peanuts orange and green to use for table decor and strung some on bakers twine for garland behind the food table.

For entertainment, we stuck with a traditional couple of “Don’t say baby” and a trivia game.  We made everyone get a little creative with a onsie decorating station.  My youngest sis bought iron ons, stencils, fabric pens and onsies in a variety of sizes and styles and each attendee made a cute onsie for the baby and we even had the mama to be judge them for a prize!

Of course, I had to be sure the baby knew which onsie was mine!

We also set up a small station for Words of Advice for the baby.

The party ended with all of us oohing and ahhing over all the cute little baby things the new mama, Heidi, received.

It was a lot of fun to plan, prepare and attend this “little peanut” shower.  And I cannot WAIT to meet this new little one in a couple months!


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