Memories of a fun weekend

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August 9, 2012 by Jena

So, I’m just back from a week away.  The family took a road trip out to the Black Hills of South Dakota.  It was great fun and I’ll be sharing all the details soon.  But, this weekend also reminded me of my last road trip….to Kansas for Craft Weekend (CW)!  I meant to blog about it long ago, but then life got in the way and I forgot.  Driving home and perusing Instagram, I was reminded that it was once again Craft Weekend at the Craft house.
My weekend was in June…but let’s step back to how I even got there.

I’ve been following Meg’s blog for over a year, and Kimberlee’s blog soon after that.  I discussed something I saw on Meg’s blog with some friends at work.  One of those friends checked out the blog and fell in love with CW, just like I had.  CW attendee’s are chosen in a lottery.  You sign up for the list and they draw random winners.  Those winners can choose to go or forfeit and go back on the list.  If you want to attend, you can also buy a spot for a friend or 2.  I really wanted to attend – but, I never signed up, as I wasn’t sure I would want to go by myself and didn’t know if anyone would want to go with me.  Then, in early April, my work friend and I were talking and she said she had signed up!  I was like “WHAT?!?”  So we made a pact – I would sign up too – and if either one of us was ever picked, then we would take each other.  8 days later I got the famous e-mail from Kimberlee that made history with my friend and I!

We left after work on Thursday and stayed the night just outside of Kansas City….despite the fact that we had trouble finding a hotel room because Benny Hinn was in town!  WHA?!

We arrived at the Craft House right on time after some shopping and pedicures (it was a mini-vaca after all).  It was everything I had hoped for and more.  Meg has a beautiful house, so cute and wonderfully crafty!  We met all the other ladies as they arrived and then had some yummy food prepared by the talented Kimberlee.  She is a great cook and kept us well fed all weekend. After dinner it was time to get crafty.  We started with pretty little ruffled aprons.  I hadn’t sewn a thing since high school, but it came back to me pretty quickly.  I surprised myself at how much fun it was….so much so, I am keeping my eye on Craigslist for a good sewing machine I can make my own!  The crafting continued all weekend late into the evening, with a Saturday break to do some antique shopping and Sonic happy hour.

Things of course went by too quickly and soon it was time for us to leave…but not without a quick photo shoot with all the ladies.  Best.Weekend.Without.My.Family.In.A.Long.Time!


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