August 18, 2012 by Jena

Have you tried this new Yoghurt yet?  It’s Delish!

A friend of mine brought some to work the other day and I tried it.  That night I went out and bought some myself.  Haven’t had a flavor yet that I didn’t like.  It’s from Australia…and apparently I must also visit Noosa in the future….it looks as lovely as the yoghurt tastes!

Are you still sitting there???  Go get some!

PS.  No one paid me to write this….I just love to eat this yoghurt.

CORRECTION:  It is apparently made in Colorado…the good old US of A!  Yay!


2 thoughts on “Yummy!

  1. that is made here in colorado with locally produced milk. it’s fantastic isn’t it?!?!? so cool to randomly find it on a blog 🙂 strawberry rhubarb is the best kind!

    • Jena says:

      It is great! And cool to know it’s actually made in the US of A. Something I read on their website made me think that it was Colorado natives that moved to Australia were making it there. Oh well. Thanks for the correction and thanks for reading!

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