Fall Wreath Time!

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September 3, 2012 by Jena

Now that it’s September, I figured it was time for a new door wreath.  It’s been some time since I made a new one and the 4th of July one was still up and a bit out of date.

I found the plans for this wreath here.

It was really pretty easy.  The worst part was working with the itchy, messy, smelly burlap.  If that doesn’t bother you, then you should have no problems making this cute wreath!

You start by cutting strips of burlap and covering your foam wreath form.  When that is covered completely, you add 3 rings of burlap to attach the flowers to.  These three rings also make this wreath interchangeable by allowing you to remove these burlap flowers and replace them with other items for other seasons!

Then you cut out 2 petals of 3 sizes in each color.  You make them “pop up” by gluing the centers together on each petal.  Then you layer the 3 sizes and glue them together.

You can buy buttons for the center or use these cool metal button forms and choose some great fabric to go with your flowers (or use scraps you have lying around!).  I had never used the button forms, but they were super easy, once I figured out the instructions.  Hah!

Glue the finished buttons in the centers of your flowers and attach alligator clips (think little girls hair pieces, as I forgot to take a picture) to the back.  Then you can clip them onto your wreath and move them into place.

I made a loop on the back of my wreath with the end of my burlap and then strung some ribbon through it to hang it on the door.  I have an upside down 3M hook on the inside of my door to attach the ribbon to.

Hang it, and you’re done!  Easy Peasy!  Happy Fall!


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