Get Your Junk On

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September 15, 2012 by Jena

Last year someone told me about Junk Bonanza the week after it happened.  Talk about bad timing!  So, I marked my calendar for the day it opened this year.  That was Thursday.  I decided to forego the “early bird” tickets, but got there just after lunch.  A couple of friends from work came along….I’m lucky to know some great ladies who enjoy the junk almost as much as I do!  It was a little crazy at first….so many people it was difficult to squeeze into all the isles and certainly difficult to see all the wonderful junk.  But as the day wore on, the people thinned out and we made our way around most of the junk a second time.

We saw so much fun stuff… all sorts of junky states.  Some just found, some found and fixed up, some just pieces of junk.  It was lovely.

So many ideas for these cards……just couldn’t decide what I might need.  Plus, I could make my own, right?

Lots of fall colors were seen throughout….

Cute toys, but we have so many – and the boys just wouldn’t treat the vintage ones right.

Doll heads……cool and creepy all at the same time!

Love the bench…and the bins….and the shoes…oh, and that globe!

Vintage Etsy shoppes had a booth – it was full of great things.   They also had Etsy staff there giving folks mini-sessions on setting up your own shop and selling things on Etsy.

Love the candles in this booth.  And, she had the cutest little displays for them.

Here was what I ended up with, although I could have done so much more damage!  2 globes, which I had intended to cut at least one of them in half and make lamps….but now I may just keep them.  The platter is going to get some ribbon and chalk paint to hang on the wall.  The EAT letters will be mounted on a cool colored board and hung up and the lovely, retro chairs are going to get cleaned up and have new vinyl backs and seats… just to find a retro table.

It was AWESOME!  And I cannot wait until the next one.  You should totally mark your calendar!!


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