Mug Swap 2012


September 28, 2012 by Jena

I posted awhile back that I had joined in on A Cuppa Kim’s annual Mug Swap.  It was the first of this kind of internet fun that I have participated in and I am hooked!  It was a lot of fun to put together a package for someone I didn’t really know – just by looking at their online life.  And I followed the Instagram tags and got to see a lot of cool swappers and their goodies.

I shopped at The Woods for my mug.  It’s a cute gift shoppe right around the corner from my house.  I don’t go there often enough, they have great stuff!


I got to send a mug package to @thecanfields.  She has young boys like I do, so I included something for them as well.  I know how exciting it can be for the kids to help open the packages.

My package didn’t arrive the first time….and I was bummed.  But, I know things can happen, oh well.  But, I emailed Kim and she was kind enough to reach out to my partner and see what happened.  We will likely never know what happened to my first package, but @sarahmiller17 was so wonderful and sent me a fabulous second package!  It was so much fun!

The swap was great….and it was fun to watch Instagram and blogs to see what everyone was sending an receiving.  Such cute surprises!  And I am doing it again….4 times!  I’ve signed up for a Kitchen/Foodie swap, a Halloween swap, another mug swap and an Xmas swap.  Whoa….I may have gotten a little crazy here.  But, I need some happy packages.  Life is a little tough right now and I’ll take a little sunshine any way I can!


2 thoughts on “Mug Swap 2012

  1. cuppakim says:

    I am so happy you finally got a mug! I’m so sorry it was a bit of an adventure to get it. But it definitely looks like you scored with all of that awesome loot! 🙂
    The gift shoppe you shopped at looks adorable! 🙂

    • Jena says:

      Thanks Kim! It was a lot of fun. I appreciate you hosting – I am sure it is a lot of work! Looking forward to mug swap 2013!

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