Our Mantle Wall project


November 17, 2012 by Jena

So, I am posting this, even though some of my photos from the process are on another computer I don’t have access to right now.

Several months ago I began obsessing with pallet walls on Pinterest.  Some of my inspirations…..

And we happened to have this wall above our fireplace that I really despised.  You see, our fireplace is angled in the corner of the room and above it were these 2 weird, angular cutouts.  They were awful.  There was absolutely no good way to decorate them.  Nothing fit quite right.  See some pictures from Christmas’ past….

As you can see, we also had a terrible mantle.  One measly piece of wood that barely held anything and didn’t make much of a statement.

So, I put a little project on my husbands “to-do” list!  We were going to cover the space above the fireplace with pallet boards and build ourselves a new mantle.  He thought I was nuts.  But, after hearing me out, he got to planning.

We knew we were going to need some braces to screw all the pallets into.  So he got a couple 2×4’s and screwed them in at the ceiling and the base of the weirdly shaped wall cut out thingys.  (Yes, that’s what they are called)

Then he found some pallets for very cheap at a local place called Pallet Service Corporation.  He cut them up and stained them the grey color we had picked out.  Then it was a bit like putting together a puzzle.  He worked row by row, cutting them to fit and screwing them in.  As he worked at this he realized how imperfect homes are built….and it was oftentimes frustrating….or so it sounded.

**Here is where I would put those photos I’m missing of the pallet process…ugh!  Check back in a couple days, I’ll add them!**

Once the pallets were up, it was on to the mantle.  Again, very imperfect space.  My husband had to take many, many measurements…they were all different!  The geek in him then decided he would “mock” up his work in Google SketchUp.  It lets you model things in 3D and gave him the exact measurements of wood he would need for the construction.

Off to Home Depot a couple hundred more times and pretty soon he had it put together.

We made sure it fit before we painted it – and it was perfect!

Then a couple quick coats of Swiss Coffee paint and voila…..a new mantle wall!

I decorated it up today for a few more days of fall….but by the end of next week, I’ll be able to deck it out for Christmas!  But, doesn’t my orange “Hello, Sunshine” sign from Craft Weekend look so cute!??

We also got our inspection and cleaning of the fireplace this week, so we can enjoy a toasty fire tonight!

So Much Better!

Next up…..painting those walls!


2 thoughts on “Our Mantle Wall project

  1. Amy says:

    Dying! Love. It. Can’t wait to see what you do for Christmas! 😉 Looks ah-mazing! XO

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