I’m ready for SPRING!


March 3, 2013 by Jena

It’s been sunny and warmer…and it’s March.  So, I am ready for Spring.  But, I fear spring is not ready for us.  A snowstorm is scheduled to bring us 6-8 inches of snow Monday and Tuesday.  Blech.

Regardless, I decided it was time to take down the Valentine mantle and find some things to make it a little more Spring-y around here.

I pulled out some of my ceramic birds, filled up the apothecary jars with Easter grass and plastic eggs and re-used some bottles I covered with yarn last year and stuck some fake blossoms in them.

I found this printable and put it in a frame!


I made a new wreath with felt flowers.

And made this little pallet bunny art inspired by this blog post.  Just grabbed some shims from the garage and hot glued them together –



Then I painted them a minty-green that I mixed up with some craft paint I already had on hand.



I made a stencil by free-handing a bunny on some cardstock.  When I was happy with how it looked, I cut it out, taped it to the shims in the place I liked it and then traced it on the boards.

Then I painted him white!  I think he’s sweet.


I also found a cute little paint chip egg garland.  Since the hubby was going to Home Depot anyway this weekend, I had him pick up a stack of spring colored swatches and made a quick little version of my own.



Now that the mantle is ready for spring….it can come any time!  Hoppy Spring!



2 thoughts on “I’m ready for SPRING!

  1. So cute! Love how yours turned out. Thanks for the shout out 🙂

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