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March 24, 2014 by Jena

For almost a year now, I’ve subscribed to the daily sale notices from  Each day they send me an email packed full of great deals on kids stuff, women’s clothes and household goods.  I can typically fill a shopping cart pretty quickly… I definitely need to use discretion so I don’t shop myself out of house and home!

Once you make a purchase, you can get free shipping for the rest of the day.

Also, if you invite friends to join, they give you credit towards future purchases!

Here are some of the great deals I’ve gotten on Zulily…..

They have Tom’s shoes on sale a couple times a year.  I love Tom’s so much, I bought 3 pair the last time they were on sale!




My little Miss H is 9 months old this week, but is already wearing 12 month sizes.  I can get all kinds of great deals on clothes for her.  And many of them are things I don’t see every other little one wearing!




I can also get my boys some clothes…but not as often as the littler ones.  I did score them each a great Columbia fleece jacket for under $20.




I have also found some clothing items for me!  Like this comfy, cute maxi skirt that I plan to wear like crazy once it is warm enough.




And, not that I needed any more purses, but I got this great satchel for $30!  YES, That’s GOLD!



Needless to say, I am a BIG fan a Zulily.  They have been easy to work with and I have had very little problem with anything.  I encourage you to check it out.  But, be warned – it’s VERY easy to shop!


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