Ten Terrific Years!


September 4, 2014 by Jena

I know it’s a cliche, but where does the time go????  I can hardly believe that we have been married for 10 years!  10 of the best years of my life.  Woah and Wow!

wedding 10

The year was 1999, and I was in chiropractic school.  I was studying – a LOT!  And wasting time during study breaks on the computer.  Chat rooms were a thing then.  And I liked running my mouth.  So that’s what I did for fun.  


Never in a million years did I think I would meet someone I liked, much less would spend the rest of my life with, on the computer.  Online dating was not even on the radar then…the only men you met on line were murderers and pedophiles, right?  Wrong.  He and I would talk on the phone for hours, until our cordless phones went dead.  We talked and emailed for months, even telling each other “I love you” before we met in person.  

candid fam 10

Finally we met in person, he traveled from Oklahoma to Minnesota and it was wonderful.  We visited a few more times over the next year and then he surprised me by getting a job in Minnesota.  He moved north – for me!  We were pretty much inseparable.  And then on September 4th, 2004 – when we committed ourselves to each other for the rest of our lives.

selfies 10

So, now it’s 10 years later.  And I love him even more today than I did then.  We’ve had some adventures – some wonderful and some not so much.  But through it all we’ve stuck together, growing closer with every sleepless night, exciting first, angry fight, joyous news, or incredible sadness.

family 10

He is my rock, my man.

baby 10

I know he is there for us – he takes care of me and the kids so well.  He makes me laugh, sometimes at his jokes – sometimes at him. He is my best friend – there is no one else I would rather do everything or nothing with.  He works hard for our family – whether it’s at his job for his paycheck, taking care of things around the house or doing my long list of projects.

candid fam too 10


I am so lucky to be his wife!  Thanks for the last 10 years, I can’t wait for the next 10!



One thought on “Ten Terrific Years!

  1. I hope nobody comes over here to my cube – don’t want them to see me with watery eyes struggling to speak due to the lump in my throat. LOL. That was awesome. I love you!!!

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